Custom Responsive Design

Our client wanted their website to be viewed on all devices. We created a responsive website that looks awesome on any mobile device.

Easy Navigation

The client wanted his visitors to be able to find their products and services with ease. We created an easy navigation menu that takes visitors directly to the information they are searching for.

Social Media Management

As a start-up business, our client wanted not to worry about his social media management. We created the social media accounts and we are managing them for him.

Google Ads

Google Ads management is important so you are not wasting valuable resources on ads that deliver no results. We helped our clients increase sales by creating ad campaigns that work.


As the List Bank was targeted to primarily be an e-commerce site, we chose to build it on WordPress with WooCommerce, which is the leading e-commerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes. We focused on building features that would help customers make easier purchase decisions, such as a 3-step form with industry selector, based on user-input data of industry and size, contact position, and how many contacts are required.

Web Development
Google Ads
Days of Work


We also implemented simple but effective features such as automatic articles, a three-colour scheme with soothing colours and smooth web elements that help to take a simple website to the next level. Our client wanted a site that did not look like the traditional “template lists” sites. What else did we work on?

  • Workshops with the client to understand their vision
  • Creating mockups and design ideas for products
  • Creating a digital marketing plan
  • Creating all social media platforms and creating engagement
  • Increasing sales by using Google Ads to target their prospects.
  • Setting up and configuring HubSpot as a CRM, and integrate with email and the website.