Responsive Photography Blog

The responsive design of the site gives users a better viewing experience when they are visiting the site from their mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing

We created their social media marketing strategy and have been asked to provide content creation and management of their social media accounts.

Affiliate Marketing

The website employs affiliate marketing links from Amazon and Clickbank. Including Google Adsense for that extra monetization.

Automatic Posts

All of the articles and videos are automatically posted. The client does not need to do any article writing. This is a money-making site on autopilot!


Learn DSLR photography is designed for lovers of photography and has everything to do with the subject. You will find articles and videos for beginners all the way up to the pro! If you have a passion for photography then this is the site to visit.

Social Media Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Days of Work


Videos being very popular, we set out to include as many videos for tips and tricks for beginners as we can. We also wanted to provide a shop so beginners can find photo equipment at great prices. This website has it all from articles, books from Amazon, and photography guides to help anyone that loves to start in photography.

  • Automating Video tutorials for beginners.
  • Creating Affiliate products through Amazon. Books and photo equipment
  • Social Media marketing and management of their social media accounts
  • Automating Article posting and images
  • Logo and brand design.