Responsive Website

Travellers being who they are, mostly use mobile to search and book for trips and holidays so it was an easy decision to create a responsive website that works on all devices.

Packages and Deals

The client wanted to ensure the tour packages and deals are right up front where her customers can easily choose what they are looking for and explore more if needed.

Social Media Marketing

As a busy travel agent, our client doesn’t have time to manage the social media pages. they gave us the job to do that for them. We create everything on Instagram and Facebook.

Website Support

A travel agency’s website is their most important tool because this is where they showcase their tours and where most clients make their bookings. Having the site up 99.99% of the time is important to our client.


The site was created in WordPress with additions in the background for flight, hotel, and tour booking capabilities.

Maintenance & Support
Days of Work


Havana Travel is a travel agency out of Macedonia. They provide tours and holidays around Europe to countries like Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey in package arrangements.

It was important to Havana Travel to have their package tours displayed in order so the visitors can select their package and view it.

  • Upload all tour packages
  • Upload content and ensure images are sized for performance
  • SEO and Social Media Management
  • Google Ads to increase sales and conversions
  • Online booking and backend booking systems